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What can you do?

Dogs barking...overgrown yard...broken garage door...abandoned car on your street...Is there anything you can do to fix these problems?

New deck...home addition...backyard pool...What must you do before you start your project? DHNA wants to make it easier to find out.

Join us at our next community forum May 9 to talk with Bill Penn from Metro Codes.

Join the converstation

DHNA is made up of ordinary people representing dozens of neighborhood groups, homeowner associations, and individual neighbors, who have joined together to maintain and improve the quality of residential life in the Donelson-Hermitage community. We offer a network of neighbors working together to

  • Share ideas,

  • Support one another,

  • Protect what's dear from our past, and

  • Provide opportunities for resident voices to be heard when planning for the future.

Take a minute to tell us what neighborhood issues concern you.


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Donelson–Hermitage Neighborhood Association

Neighbors  Working Together  to  Make  a  Difference